For nearly thirty years, KL Pharmaceutical has been producing pharmaceutical products and throughout that time, we have established a reputation for quality, service and reliability.

Offering true quality takes a lot more than technology. At our Irvine facility, we have combined the most appropriate resources with the best human resources. Each member of staff shares the KL commitment to excellence and our systems are tested to exacting standards, offering full traceability on production batches and raw materials.

If you have received an e-mail offering you a position in our company or the offer of help with your immigration to the UK, please be aware that these offers are fraudulent and we suggest that you contact Action Fraud at or on 0300 123 2040 using
Crime Ref: NFRC161201652124.
Do not send personal details or money to these scammers.

Our products are made to GMP standard and meet the stringent requirements of the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority and the Veterinary Medicines Directorate. An experienced professional management team with a strong industrial background heads KL. This leadership ensures that our commitment to quality remains consistent and total.

KL is medium sized manufacturing resource, designed and equipped to supply the quality and service standards demanded by the pharmaceutical industry. We have geared our operation to offer a centre of excellence, focused on producing the highest quality products.

KL is flexible enough to respond quickly and effectively to any customer need, whether that need is for trial batch or manufacturing run.